AWCCS Meets Scottish Colourists

scottish colouristsArtist and art tutor Susan Forsyth gives an up close and personal introduction to the Scottish Colourists at Kirkcaldy Art Gallery at our February visit. AWCCS members and friends were (almost all) inspired to pick up paintbrushes!

Beginning with her interpretation of Peploe’s beach painting of the white sands of Iona, Susan demonstrated how line, form and colour are distinctive qualities of the Scottish Colourists paintings. The Colourists painting styles evolved, and were influenced by other artists in their circle of friends: Manet, Impressionists, Cezanne, Picasso.

Our Scottish Colourists visit was organised by AWCCS member Ellen Colingsworth, Co-Director of Wild at Art, who explains, “We want to share our passion for Scottish artists and to organise the best creative experiences for visitors to Scotland & local residents. Seeing everyone’s keen interest in what Susan was demonstrating, I think we achieved this!”

“I love Susan’s tutoring style and her expertise. At the end of the tour, each person stood in front of their favourite painting. It was really thrilling for me to see how each person absorbed the full experience and actually become passionate about their choice.”

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