FAWCO representatives, club officers, and members from all over the world gather once a year for a general conference to discuss and take action on issues of mutual concern. The clubs maintain contact during the rest of the year through regional and committee meetings, newsletters from headquarters, the exchange of club magazines, and the publication of research and information.

Scotland (Central Scotland and Aberdeen) Clubs hosted the UK and Ireland Regional Conference in St. Andrews in the Autumn of 2007 and again in 2014

FAWCO is a nonprofit corporation, sustained by dues from autonomous member clubs and managed by a volunteer staff of officers and committee chairmen. A representative of each club links it to the Federation and is a delegate to annual meetings. This is a campaigning organization which covers topics such as the right of American citizens overseas to vote, taxation issues, census issues, as well as citizenship for adopted children..

FAWCO serves as a support network for members living and working abroad and is particularly active in concerns and issues of overseas Americans, education, environmental awareness, health, human rights and women's and children's rights in particular. Please visit our Committees pages for a complete listing of FAWCO Committees and Liaisons
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