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Our Club has been a member of FAWCO since 1993. This organization is an international network of 78 independent American women's associations located on six continents. With a combined membership of over 17,000 women, FAWCO brings member clubs together to support American women living abroad, to share information on matters of common interest, and to address the particular issues affecting American citizens residing outside the USA.





FAWCO Conference in Edinburgh in March 2019

Some of your Board members have been at the FAWCO Conference during the last week of March as your representatives:

Amanda Drollinger, (FAWCO Rep), Tara Scottgroup (Treasurer),
Nancy Lynner (President) and Sue Stout (Newsletter Editor).suecards

They made a presentation proposing that the March 2019 FAWCO Conference be held in Edinburgh, and the proposal was accepted. Please join us for AWCCS Potluck at Kathy McGlew’s house in April to find out more about how we can be involved and hear about this year’s FAWCO meeting as well.

Thanks much to our Board members for their professionalism and dedication to bringing news of the world to us through Fawco.




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