Going Home Soon?


Are you returning to the US any time soon? Whether you are being dragged back kicking and screaming or if you can hardly wait to return home, you will probably find that as a “repat” you and your family members are different sorts of Americans from those who stayed behind.

This can be a jolt, but there is help out there for you. Membership in the FAWCO Alumnae, USA, better known as FAUSA keeps you in touch with others who understand the life changing experience of living in other cultures.

Besides the pure psychological support of being a part of this network, there are other benefits, too. The Quarterly magazine carries articles of interest to “repats,” and you may apply for the FAUSA Education Award for yourself or a child. In addition, FAUSA members may attend the FAWCO conferences overseas and the FAUSA Annual Meeting, which is in a different part of the US every fall. Learn all about FAUSA, contact someone in your region, and download an application at We would love to hear from you.

Jane Indreland
President, FAUSA

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