FAWCO'S Target Charity: Free theGirls

free the girls medalThree years ago, in Dale Finlayson’s living room, Amanda Drollinger shared the information about FAWCO’s new Target Charity Free the Girls”. We have worked on behalf of this charity, while also raising funds for our AWCCS local charity, and now the term is coming to a close. Here is an excerpt from the FAWCO Targe Program Chair’s letter:


FAWCO’s “Free the Girls” comes to the end of its ThreeYear Term as FAWCO Target Chairty
By Johanna Dishongh, Target Program Chair

As the 2013-16 Target Program enters its final month, I find it difficult to believe that three years have passed. I have been humbled by the passion with which our Member Clubs have embraced this issue and in particular, the topic of human trafficking. Although I have read and heard many lectures on the topic of modern day slavery during this time, I still find myself shocked that human beings can exploit one another and find it even more repugnant that the marginalized members of society are most vulnerable.

It warmed my heart to read Courtney Skiera-Vaugh’s report from Free The Girls (below) which highlights the impact that our Target Project has made in the lives of women who have survived the scourge of being trafficked. Although our project provided the necessary infrastructure to insure the long term sustainability of Free The Girls, the ultimate beneficiaries are the women in the program, their children and extended families, as well as members of their local community. FAWCO and The FAWCO Foundation can be proud of the fact that our efforts have made a lasting impact in all of these lives today and will continue have an impact on them through Free The Girls in the future.

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