Ambassador for FAWCO

Amanda Drollinger, AWC Central Scotland, is our ambassador for FAWCO.
“She is a stalwart supporter of our club. We are a small club, though we are growing again, which had been a goal of our board. In spite of our size, our Rep stepped up to create a Regional FAWCO meeting in September. Our goal was to make it so affordable that anyone could attend, if they had the time. By marshalling the members’ energy and volunteerism, using local resources that were well-suited and reasonably priced, she created a successful conference.

It was educational, filled with opportunities for good food and fellowship, and offered lots of chances for attendees to learn about FAWCO. We raised money for Free the Girls and we learned about other issues. This outstanding Rep ‘owns’ any job she takes on. In spite of her busy professional life, she will step up and supplement any club efforts that need more resources. She is a problem solver. And she makes us laugh too. Her devotion to FAWCO has resulted in our members learning more about this important organisation.”!

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