Membership Renewal

Is it time for you to Renew your Membership? 

The AWCCS is your opportunity to outreach to other Americans in Scotland, but also in the world through FAWCO (the federation of American Women's Clubs throughout the world).  If you are one of our members, you are also a member of FAWCO. Membership entitles you to receive our newsletter, our online resource book and invitations to club events and activities. We love having you as a member and encourage you to read more for important Links to renew.

 We have two ways for you to renew:

1.  A total Online Experience:  If you have no directory changes, just go to our PayPal button and pay now.

NEW/RENEW Full  35.00
NEW/RENEW Reduced  29.00
  • Also, If you have changed your address or phone, etc.  please submit the Renewal Form (link here):  add your changes and send the completed form to us so we can change the directory.
  • That's all, it's simple!

2.  OR, if not paying by PayPal, Download our Renewal Form

  • Snail Mail to us along with your cheque.


Update yourself!

  • Check that your current information in our AWCCS Directory is correct. Things change—your email, your name, etc.
  • Go to the link on www.awccs.org for Members Only (it is for registered members only) and go to download menu, Member Directory and verify your information.  (if you've forgotten your login information, let our Website Manager know and she will send you a new one.
  • If the directory needs to be corrected, let our Membership Co-Chair know by putting the current information on your Renewal Form.

Special Circumstances

If you are experiencing a change in your circumstances and find it difficult to pay the dues,
please contact us and we will work with you and come to some agreement for a reduction in dues.

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