Meet other women who are now living in the area who can share their experiences and will help ease the transition. Our organization plans informal get togethers, lunches, special events, fundraising activities and many other gatherings for its membershipContact Membership Chair.

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newmembtransp Membership entitles you to receive our newsletter, our online resource book and invitations to club events. AWCCS has up to 100 members living in the Central Region of Scotland. At least 50% of our members are located in Edinburgh, with about 10% in Glasgow, and the rest spread throughout the central region of Scotland. Membership in the club has four classifications:



  • Active Membership is limited to US and Canadian citizens, or wives and daughters of US or Canadian citizens.
  • Associate Membership is open to any English-speaking woman residing in Central Scotland.
  • Non-Resident is open to any former members who no longer reside in Scotland, but wish to retain their membership without voting rights.
  • Honorary Members may be appointed at the discretion of the Board of Directors and they neither pay dues nor vote.

Methods of Payment Download the Application Form

  1. Cheque: fill out form and post it in along with your cheque.
  2. Pay Pal:  Post or email the application and choose the PayPal button below to make payment.
  3. Cash: Come to one of our events, bring the downloaded application form and pay with cash.

Membership Dues (Choose One)

NEW/RENEW Full  35.00
NEW/RENEW Reduced  29.00
  • "Full" describes the majority of our members.
  • "Reduced" refers to students, wives of students, and/or pensioners 60+ years old.
  • Postage: There is a PayPal handling fee (3.4% +.20p) which will be added to your above amount as postage.
  • If you choose to not pay by PayPal, please print out the renewal form and mail with your cheque.

Thank you for Paying your Dues.

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