Membership Renewal Form for AWCCS for the year 2017-2018. 

Thank you so much for renewing your membership to American Women's Club of Central Scotland.  Please complete this form of your intention to renew your Membership.  Details for the option of payment (credit card using PayPal, cheque or cash) will appear after you submit this form.  Your Membership will be renewed when payment has been made.

If you don't wish to renew online, please

  1. Download the renewal form found Here.
  2. Send it in the post with your payment as per the instructions on the form.
  3. Or, bring it to the next monthly meeting to pay with cash.

Contact the Membership Chair for more information.


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Thank you again for joining us for another year of events and activities.  We value your participation in the AWCCS.  When you choose SUBMIT you will be directed to the instructions for all of the payment methods available, your membership will be renewed when we receive payment. 

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